1. Ngoc says:

    I was born, baptized, raised Christian. This is my President, and his wife and I could not be more proud. I know why they did not participate, because the creed starts “We believe in one God.’

    Well, my God is not the god of the deep state. I stand with our brave President in silence, rather than join in evil. Thank you, President Trump, and our First Lady, for seeing through the deception. America loves you!

    I agree with Vonn Ebb… please pardon General Flynn.

    God bless our patriots.

  2. Sorry4U says:

    DJT was not reciting the Apostles Creed when the photo was taken; check the video.
    Do you suppose he even knows what that is?
    He’s no Christian!

    1. Sqewed says:

      Freemason jews are not Christian but these fools think he is sent from GOD because they’re delusional and devoid of real facts. It’s why they are MAGApedes that are paid to keep the Qew psyop going although many have come to terms with these truth’s and dumped the Qew psyop hence Qew making statements about low attendance while others are continuing the larp for half pay. Even Qew doesn’t apparently think their larping is all that valuable just look at the ratings. Jewish supremacists certainly are not from the GOD the Bible teaches us from. Not even close. Qew larpers are nothing more than a cult performing a psyop that is paid for by our tax dollars. Get a real job scumbags.

  3. Sorry4U says:

    Oh, Melania is there. I think she actually prays. Good for her, too. DJT worships only mammon and his own self-distortion. Never forget, DJT called poor people ” losers” and “morons”.
    GHWB was a bad man, but he did fight in WWII.

  4. Sorry4U says:

    Surely not President Bone Spurs! He didn’t divest anything, just handed it to his kids. Saudis stay at his hotels more than ever before, and he’s pulling in money from Mar-A-Largo and his golf clubs, also.
    We all need heroes, but it’s positively delusional to think this mobbed-up baldy is your hero. It’s just sad and pitiful!
    Yes, the Clintons and Obama are SCUM… that doesn’t make DJT a hero. He didn’t fight – got 4 deferments. He’s too cowardly to even fire people face-to-face. He’s scared to let you see his tax returns.
    Please, folks, don’t let this grifter use your genuine patriotism to con you.
    Melania probably isn’t there for the same reason she sleeps in a seperate bedroom…

    1. Carol Bartz says:

      Your comments are what’s wrong with America. Wake up to the truth! President Trump is God’s gift to America and he’s an amazing man . If you are fighting against him, you’re fighting against God. We support him wholeheartedly, and more!!

      1. John Padilla says:

        Haha you fool God would not send a man full of debauchery, lies, narcissism, name calling, etc… To represent him for the people. You need to take a hard look at yourself if you think Trump is from God. WoW.

  5. RI anon says:

    It’s never been about dem and reps. It’s been about freeing this world and it’s people. He will go down in history as the greatest president of all time. And he loves that

    1. Jew truth says:

      Anybody can go to Utube and look up what the Jews think of Jesus and see they don’t believe in the GOD of the Bible straight from thier own mouths that in fact they worship the Talmud and Satan you pathetic magapede. Blessing worshipers of Satan is so delusional.

      1. LIL KRAKEN says:

        its not that they dont believe in god because they most certainly do, its that they don’t believe Jesus was the messiah…just saying

      2. John 1 fourteen says:

        Do you love Jews? You are commanded by Jesus to love your enemy. If you follow Jesus then keep his commandments. Go and preach the gospel to every Jew instead of filling yourself with hate and evil thoughts. God bless you.

        1. Jew truth says:

          Jesus is just another conspiracy theory created by you Jews like the holocaust but nice try. You are Jewish supremacy at it’s finest working diligently to continue the psyop. You and Lil Kraken playing your semantic games like others here are frauds.

  6. John says:

    The Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies were all victories for the deep state. They were not looking out for us. Notice how all of them voted for Hillary? Trump was sent by God to tear apart the evil in this country.

    1. Dean Chappell says:

      The blood moons with sun eclipses between them all falling on God’s holy days of 2014-2015 will be known in the future for announcing the miracle election of Donald J Trump. The 2nd sun eclipse landed on the 13 Sept. The feast of Trumpets or TRUMP:PENCE. Yes called by God, even by his signs in the heavens.

    2. Carol Bartz says:

      John, you are right on. God’s man said “yes” to the call. And he’s an excellent man. Thank you Mr. President and Q team. Thank you Trump family. I know this isn’t easy. But know we love and respect you all for fighting for us. We’re on the winning side, God’s side. Woohoo!

    3. One World says:

      trump is the Antichrist, sent from Hell to tear apart a nation of equals. Creating division and hate such as that which has been defeated before. It will not stand. We will defeat it again and again. Hate has no place on God’s land. #Resist

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