1. Jeff says:

    Big John why is Q so deep in your head if it’s a conspiracy? I’m sure you have better things to do than troll Patriots. Don’t you have some guns to grab or some first amendment rights to trample elsewhere.

  2. Sorry4U says:

    “Big John” and “Q truth”, you are so right. But “Q truth”, you do nobody any favors with your vulgarity.
    “Big John”, these followers are the unfortunate ones, the ones who can’t spell Justice, who probably struggle to make ends meet. DJT called them “morons” and “losers”, which they could easily ascertain with a simple internet search. Yet, they love their country. That’s what makes the Q psyop so insidious. I suspect Mossad is behind it as well, considering all the Israeli-Russian mobsters associated with DJT, and Jared’s ties to Chabad Lubovitz. Jared seems just the person to feed “insider” tidbits.
    Whichever, the perpetrators of this psyop deserve to burn in the deepest pit in Hell for leading these poor dupes on. It’s like Trump University all over again.
    May God protect them, for their love of country and their desire to see right prevail. They’ve suffered, watching the criminal Clintons thrive. Pedo Jeffrey Epstein got no real punishment ( from a prosecutor now in Trump’s Cabinet, no less). Politicians go into Congress and come out rich.

    1. BigJohn says:

      I don’t see what Mossad would have to gain. It could just be creeps in their moms’ basements, operatives working for Trump, right wing nutter “news” people. I don’t know. I hope it all comes out someday. If a foreign power is involved, my bet is it’s Russia. Seems right up their alley. They promoted Trump in the 2016 election and are promoting right wing extremism throughout the Western world. There is a real love fest now between the right wing and Russia, which is so bizarre to me. It was always the left that were the commies and Russia lovers in the past. Everything is upside down now.

      1. BigJohn says:

        I should have said far right wing. It’s not everyone on the right, but for some reason a lot on the far right seem to be in love with Vladimir Putin and are developing a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” relationship with the Russians. I don’t have a problem with Russians, just their government their propensity to attack the West which would include the United States.

  3. BigJohn says:

    Q truth, these people are way too invested in this scam to come to their senses. They’re brainwashed. This is practically a religion to them, a cult. A lot of them will continue to believe in this nonsense after Mueller’s report comes out and it becomes apparent that Mueller and Trump were never working together and that nobody is getting round up and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Whoever is behind this Q thing will spin everything and will convince them that the “deep state” intervened and put a stop to Trump’s master plan.

    I am convinced more and more that the Russians are behind this. They do all they can to weaken the West, weaken the US. They want people believing evil cabals are running our country. They want to further erode confidence in our government. One of the things I would like to see come from the Russia investigation is more awareness about how we are under attack and have been for a long time. Russia attacks western countries in the sneakiest of ways. Now they’ve really gotten involved with social media and they use that and the internet in general to encourage extremists and get everyone upset with each other and government. Not only did they interfere with our election but they were doing things like encouraging black militant types and white supremacists at the same time, just feeding the flames, hoping for violence and trying to tear us apart. They’ve been doing this sort of thing across the western world, playing divide and conquer. If they didn’t start this Q thing, they are actively promoting it. That’s what they do.

    Eventually my guess is everything comes out and we learn who started all of this and who has been helping them and what their motives were. It’s frightening to me that they are conning people into believing martial law and unconstitutional military tribunals trying US citizens would be a good thing. There is all this vague talk of war, I’m seeing Q supporters talking about stocking up on their ammo and so on. Are the people behind all this hoping for some sort of violent revolution, a coup, or something like that? Are they hoping the “stable genius” will look for a military option to his problems? I do recall him saying something to the effect that we ought to try that dictator for life thing they are back to doing in China now. The world has gone crazy. I guess it should not be a surprise that so many would fall for a scam like this. It makes them feel like they have some control and are working to make things better. Q even has them believing they are thinking for themselves, but of course he/they are leading these people right to everything they want them to believe and the extra effort Q followers have to do on this scavenger hunt makes them more fully invested in their beliefs so it’s harder for them to come to their senses and realize they are being conned. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Even when the “Storm” never comes a good number of these people will still believe in Q and the evil deep state that thwarted mastermind Trump’s plans. It’s really all ludicrous to sane people, but these cult members have willingly forfeited their sanity.

  4. Von Ebb says:

    We Have Q anon and he is the hope, that Justus will come to the black Hats. We have to believe in Q because Past Proves Present. If you don’t then you are just a Deep State Player here to disrupt and take down Q. Part of the Deep State. Currently the DS is busy Pretending to the sheep that 41 was a great man. Of course he was not. Proving History is great if it was only True!
    Q Truth you may now eat shit and die!

      1. LIL KRAKEN says:

        what facts would those be moron….lets hear them with out you deflecting…what do ya have on Q to prove its a psyop?

    1. HollyG says:

      @Q Truth: You spend an incredible amount of time, here. Why?
      If you’re not enamoured, get lost, troll….and stop using foul language. You;re obviously someone under the age of 30…..millennial moron.

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