21 Replies to “Q post #2547 – FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests.. Focus: 41.”

    The Fake News are all LIARS.
    Therefore, they are also FRAUDS.
    Instead of promoting the truth, the Fake News spends their time promoting SLAVERY, HATRED and VIOLENCE against the innocent.

  2. Trying to keep an open mind regarding Fox News. If this network is trying to catch CNN, they are closing in fast. Lets hope the next two days come and go quickly. I am already sick of hearing about the Bush Family again. At this point, haven’t we established the Bush, Clinton, and Obama families are nothing more that the definition of fraud, waste, and abuse? Seems to be well documented.

  3. Maybe yall should stop telegraphing every single move. Q may as well be a deep state early warning system at this point lol

  4. The only thing Q and Trump did tonight is expose that Hannity is just a puppet controlled by his deep state bosses. He will never report anything again unless it is passed by his puppeteers. I expect him to stop his deep state reporting and start cheer leading for Clinton.

    He destroyed his entire career and credibility tonight!

    1. Except, remember, ultimately, Hannity’s producers & those producers’ executive bosses have the final say on what goes out on the air waves. Let’s wait & see what Sean says on his radio show today.

  5. Mr. Corsi, though a bit roughed up, seems pretty solid. Sean did pretty well getting Corsi to out the prosecutors intent.

  6. Had to be the deep state. Pretty sure they had something to do with McDonald’s getting my order wrong this morning too. Damn you deep state!

    1. If you survived the Mc Donalds depopulation food and Pelosi’s hideous face there is nothing (((The Deep State))) can do to harm you now friend. You’re truly invincible. 🙂

  7. what I dont understand is Q says they have everything, if they do then why do they keep trying to trap them? It is looking like the moves they are making are political moves instead of doing whta is right for the people. Just my opinion

  8. I think part of it is to keep getting the DS to play as many cards as possible before anything big happens. If it were to come out immediately when we had the evidence it would create even more chaos among the people who are not awake. If the DS had more cards when a big event happened all he’ll would most likely break loose. The plan is bigger and more meticulous than we can imagine! Trust the plan, it is in our best interest.

    1. [ or it is simply cause if things would have to be corrected, police would have to arrest themselves for the participation in organized-crime.
      Well or well. How will(-cough) I know?]

  9. An executive from Fox Business Network said the cable outlet would pull from rotation a recent broadcast of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” featuring a guest making remarks about a “Soros-occupied State Department” that has spurred social-media pushback in the wake of Saturday’s shooting tragedy at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

    Just an excerpt I found on the Variety.com.

    Patience, everyone! We want a straight up win everywhere. We want so much evidence that when they are put to trial there isn’t even a question of reasonable doubt. It will come!

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