Dec 3 2018 13:02:17 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: b8622e
The public is about to learn that the DOJ, FBI, + other US/Foreign assets have been actively working behind the scenes in one of the largest criminal investigations in modern day history.
DECLAS > Purpose > illuminate the ‘TRUTH’ > People
Transparency is the only way forward [CONTROLLED MEDIA – ‘Enemy of the People’].

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  1. Charles Pixley says:

    MSM cacophony of ignorance, scientific blindness, religious perfidy and malicious enertia is terminal dis-ease in the melieu.
    Knowledge, Consciousness, Clarity, and Transparency are the cure.
    Thankfully the Doctor is IN.
    The patrons are responding, critical, but no longer terminal.
    MSM massive ship in turbulent water. Perhaps they will capsize if they cannot turn.

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