1. Anne Forhim says:

    So wait…bigjohn believes in russian collusion with hookers and bed ruination but pedophiles and pizza gate are too far fetched….wow now I’ve heard it all.

  2. Stephen Mercer says:

    Why is Big John here? Why does he have so much to say? He thinks there is no such thing as conspiracies, says his employee is crazy. He has followed Q at least somewhat… to mention the martial law. So again, why is Big John (supposed vet) here with so much to say to deter people that follow Q?
    The world is a crazy place, maybe it always was… I couldn’t deny that media lied as I watched live TV on multiple channels including CNN during the morning of 9/11 as it happened. How many journalists died “accidentily” or contracted advanced cancer, right after!?
    We normal, everyday people, no birthrights to fame and fortune but a bucket and mop to keep ourselves and families going… need hope. I am a Christian…oops… isn’t that a bad word now? I have faith in God, son and spirit, that doesn’t mean I know his plan…or the Q plan, it means I have hope, that wont die no matter the outcomes!
    God bless anyone who would do good, sacrifice to do good… so many have and we don’t know their names. Whose names are predominantly in history books and have statues and temples and pyramids..etc.
    Believe what you want Big John, it’s your right! I live in a place where our rights are almost gone..we have the right to fall in line! So go on Q and Q Patriots, rescue what is yours, then own it, respect it, teach it and KEEP IT IN CHECK, so your children and childrens children don’t lose it!
    God bless you all, the world is watching, hoping, praying!
    If possible, come rescue the rest of us! 🙂

    1. BigJohn says:

      See, there you go. Are you also one who has to believe that 9/11 was an inside job? I just don’t get why you conspiracy theory nuts torture yourselves. The world is bad enough, but you have to make it even worse with made up nonsense. Perhaps this makes you feel like you have some control over it all. Knowledge is power after all, even the the “knowledge” is bullshit.

      1. Stephen Mercer says:

        Hello Big John, I do appreciate your reply, sincerely. I have always been a sceptic, and eventually became pessimistic by early adulthood. It is very scientific and healthy to question everything. I absolutely love science, facts and proofs. There is a ton of missinformation on the internet, and facts tend to change as we learn more. Knowledge is power, but more so to those who can do something with it. Did you know that popular opinion of “facts” are more than often not fact?
        What is a conspiracy? I may be wrong but I recall it as two or more people who plan something secretly. Is that impossible? Only a nut case would believe that at the very least two people could plan something secretly!
        I don’t torture myself, I keep an open mind, I make sure to listen to those for and against any idea as well as alternate suggestions, that is very scientific (classic…not science religion as it is now). People have to research for themselves to really form an opinion. Did you know that most people believe the first explanation of something/information/facts, they are given.
        I didn’t say 9/11 was an inside job…I said the media lied. Different news stations reported different facts, even predicted the future as past. People who were there, either victim or hero describe things much differently then some of the news stations that day. I do remember that some reporters were frazzled and upset while reporting, that they accidentally reported a couple of truths…dont worry though, they no longer work in journalism.
        Be sceptical! Ask why some “facts” dont coincide with other “facts”, both coming from experts in their field.
        If one thing is certain, I have never felt that I have any power, control, just hope that one day we can have solutions to what is actual fact, even to say we believe this because of this…until…we uncover more information. We aren’t near advanced enough to claim we know everything, that we are right and that anyone who questions or disagrees are nut cases. If we did…almost everything you believe today would have never come about and you would be the nut case.
        Have I made the world a worse place for you?, I’m sorry if having a critical and scientific mind of my own disturbs you.
        Believe and dont believe what you want…just make sure that you do so because you have looked at different researches and if possible your own, otherwise it is called propagandizised.
        Q has proofs, Q Patriots check and double check facts. Just because they dont appear on billboards, school books or on TV, does not mean they aren’t facts. How about you prove this or any other “conspiracy” of your choosing, is false. I would be interested. I already know of some conspiracies that are very possibly false…according to the research and information that I was able to look at and understand, until new information comes forward.
        I dont think badly of you at all, I may be wrong but you sound defeated…if I may…move closer to your roots and what grounds you. If conspiracy and Q bother you so much, take a break, wait for the day of proof…either fact or fiction!
        The world does well with many points of view. Be well, God bless.

          1. Stephen Mercer says:

            I have heard many people say exactly the same thing when researching why someone can think or believe in something that they themselves dont. Researching can bring new perspectives of you allow it.

      2. Cory Smith says:

        So this is fact. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld was in tv announcing the Pentagon could not account for 2.1 TRILLION in spending. 1 month prior to that Dr Steven Greer headlined the national press Club event with about 20 high ranking former military, FAA and government officials to disclose their knowledge of extra terrestrials. (Possibly unrelated but compelling nonetheless) On 9/11 at 5pm building 7 of the world trade Center which was never struck by planes, collapsed in the same way as the other 2. Not one piece of airplane was found in the wreckage and debris. Not one. Dozens of people inside the building heard a loud boom prior to the crash from the basement of the WTC. You’re telling me all this is just coincidence?

        1. Anne forhim says:

          So wait…bigjohn believes in russian collusion with hookers and bed ruination but pedophiles and pizza gate are too far fetched….wow now I’ve heard it all.

  3. Count W Von Emm says:

    Big John must be a bot or a dem fag. Cannot reason with a computer or a dem. Q = hope for justice! Scam or real , it’s all we have. Obummer was/is a disgrace + disaster! At least the Hildabeast is not POTUS

    1. BigJohn says:

      Count, I’m no bot, not a dem, and definitely not a fag. I’m just a guy who hates con men. I do love this country and want to see us thrive. Our political parties suck though and we are bombarded with propaganda. Fortunately, I have a fantastic bullshit detector, something Q believers lack. But I understand that people have been pummeled with propaganda for so long by media that makes its money scaring the crap out of people and invoking outrage. It’s not that big of a step to drop off the deep end and fall for a hoax like this Qanon nonsense when you are already divorced from reality as people are these days. It is a symptom of the times, but terrifying nonetheless.

  4. Robert Modzianowski says:

    so big john….what would you say is the best way to handle pedophiles and human traffickers murderers and satan worshippers???? military trubunal is the only way

    1. BigJohn says:

      I think it’s all a figment of your imaginations, all part of a big crazy mess of conspiracy theories you guys have bought into that are largely complete nonsense. We live in a world where ridiculous conspiracy theories thrive. Our media does all they can to scare us all the time but that’s not good enough for conspiracy theory nuts who fall for Q. You need to make the world an even worse place than it really is to feel important. You’re going to fix it all, or your man Trump will, the stable genius. It’s really just pathetic, but you guys gotta be you. What are you going to do when you find out the whole Q thing is a scam. It will be like your whole universe is collapsing in, everything is upside down, nothing you were so sure about was real. That’s going to be interesting.

      1. Cory Smith says:

        Big John. Consider this. The pedophilia in the Catholic church was once considered a conspiracy theory also. So was Sandusky and Paterno. If you look at HRC and her ties to people like Epstein (who is being sued by one of his victims currently) and Anthony Wiener (child pornography on his laptop) and Huma (his wife) being her assistant, you might be able to connect the dots. What about Laura Silsby and her smuggling children out of Haiti after the earthquake? Bill Clinton was the person who got her timed served instead of the years she was facing. What about Saul Alinsky being her mentor? There’s too many coincidences NOT to think she’s involved in all this. But not just her. You can connect more dots if you do your research of course. Those who say it’s a conspiracy theory have not investigated enough and are burying their heads in the sand.

        1. BigJohn says:

          Cory, I am the most skeptical person on Earth probably when it comes to conspiracy theories. I work with a conspiracy theory nut. She believes all these things you are saying. Hell, she believes that behind the Illuminati or whatever are reptilian aliens pulling the strings. She never heard a conspiracy theory that she didn’t swallow hook, line and sinker. If she wasn’t otherwise a dear sweet woman who works very hard for me, I’d fire her ass because she wastes my time with this nonsense and just have a very low tolerance capacity for stupidity. Now I just tell her to shut up, leave my office and go talk crazy somewhere else if she starts talking conspiracy theory nonsense. My guess is that most Q believers fall in this camp. You’re big into conspiracy theories to begin with, maybe believe in chem trails and that every mass shooting is a false flag operation and that sort of thing. I tend to think all conspiracy theories are horseshit because I realize how incompetent and incapable of keeping secrets humans tend to be know that the more people who would have to be involved in a conspiracy the less likely it is that they would be successful and the less likely it is that there is anything to the conspiracy theory. I have to admit that no conspiracy theory enthusiast has a shred of credibility with me. You guys can believe what you want to believe, but when you start talking about martial law and unconstitutional military tribunals on US citizens and all that, you become dangerous to the rest of the country. So many times I’ve seen Q followers talking about stocking piling guns and ammo. You’re ready for the big fight. Already a couple have been arrested going armed to do harm because they are so twisted by all the Q craziness. This “movement” is attracting unstable people. It is dangerous. I’m just hoping and praying Mueller’s report comes out soon and no one can believe he and Trump were working together.

          1. Cory Smith says:

            I don’t believe they were ever working together. Mueller is part of the deep state. The fact of the matter is its easy to keep these things secret because they own the media, they write the text books, they fund the universities and run the banks, credit system, stock exchange and control every resource. People are ignorant. because it’s BY DESIGN. Until the internet which was only about 25 years ago, nobody had access to this information. If you research what your employee is talking about you might find some credibility but you have to research for yourself. Follow the money trail, listen to witness testimony, study the history. The dots will connect. If you believe millions of people who are reasonable and intelligent in every other aspect of their lives yet they are lunatics regarding this then you’re the fool. Ask yourself why do they believe this? Investigate for yourself. The problem is most people see it as so outlandish that it could never be so. It’s called a normalcy bias. It is the belief that because it’s never happened before that it impossible. How were the pyramids built. And why? Coincidence that the Mayans also built pyramids for similar reasons? They had no contact with each other. What about the millions of ufo sightings recorded and documented? They’re all crazy? The reason why all this is covered up is simple. Power and control. If people knew the technology behind spacecraft and interstellar travel there would be no oil, auto, energy, medical, and religious systems. No money. No control over others. Soon this will all be public knowledge. Until then I recommend digging into the history and factual information that is available. DISCERN FOR YOURSELF. you may be surprised to learn your employee isn’t crazy after all and neither are the majority of Q followers.

  5. BigJohn says:

    I didn’t say defending our borders is martial law. Martial law is what is supposedly coming when Trump and Mueller go rounding up the deep state, serving those tens of thousands of “sealed indictments” shipping those people off to Guantanamo Bay and having them tried by military tribunals. Now apparently Q is talking about the Congress failing and the president having power to wage war on whoever he wants whenever he wants with no consent of Congress. Q celebrates Red October, the violent takeover in Russia by the commies, a really strange thing for an American patriot to celebrate. Q followers are have somehow been conned into being excited about things like martial law, unconstitutional military tribunals on US citizens, a dictator who can declre war whenever, etc. When I was in the military I took and oath to support and defend the Constitution. True patriots defend the Constitution. Q patriots would have Donald Trump wipe his ass with it. You people are dangerously gullible.

    1. Cory Smith says:

      You have a superficial and rudimentary understanding of what Q is and how deep this is. These people are pedophiles, they worship Satan. This is good v. Evil. Biblical times. God is going to have his retribution and these people will pay. Martial law will be temporary but necessary because there are many people who are completely unaware and will have a mental breakdown when all of this comes to light. Trump is a means to an end. He is going along with a plan that preceded his presidency by decades. They just never had a way to implement it. Until now.

      1. BigJohn says:

        Yes, Cory, I’d heard all that too, the Satanic pedophile nonsense, Pizzagate on steroids. I’ve heard the religious stuff too, which is extra scary, that you morons think you have God in your side too.

        L Compton, Bush was never my boy. I voted third party. What Bush and his gang did with the war in Iraq pissed me off thoroughly. That was some major propaganda back then, all this linking of Saddam Hussein to 9/11, the drumbeat for war full of lies and over the top obnoxious patriotism, freedom fries, all this “you’re with us or against us” crap. I did a lot of screaming at the TV back then. I do that with Trump too though. The man lies constantly and is such a blatant con man. Blows my mind that so many fall for his b.s. Hope you guys are all following the Mueller investigation and will look at all the evidence that comes out. Trump and Mueller were never working together. That much should be obvious already, but as everything comes out it will be increasingly hard to believe any of this Q nonsense. Perhaps you will then also recognize that Donald Trump is without a doubt the shadiest president in US history too and legislators will put a leash on that dangerous idiot before he does too much damage.

    2. L Compton says:

      first i am a q patriot. i belive in the constitution. military tribunals are for treasonous vile operatives. we can spin the words how you would like. Martial law has been in place since 9/11 2001. Oh yeah and your boy Bush attacked Iraq without congresses approval.

  6. Anonomous0411 says:

    When i looked up what he said it brings up about during national security, it states potus has the ability to wage war on an ally without congress during that time. So… It would seem he could.

    1. BigJohn says:

      And this does not frighten you? Why does Qanon want people to think that martial law is a good thing, that unconstitutional trials on US citizens in front of military tribunals is a good thing, and now that the president conducting wars without the consent of congress is good? People, supporting all this is not patriotism, it’s dangerous idiocy. True patriots protect and defend the US Constitution. Q patriots would have gladly have Donald Trump wipe his ass with it. Stop calling yourselves patriots because you are most certainly not. Wake up, please. Come to your senses,

      1. So… defending our borders is “Martial Law”? I think you need to put down the bong and clear your head. This is a fight for our sovereignty from people who are coming here to break our laws and do what they want.

  7. willard cummings says:

    0411…YOU GOT YOUR FACTS ALL WRONG. THE USA is being invaded my friend. Our border to the south is about to be breached! We have a right as a sovereign nation to decide to enforce our border laws. This narrative that Trump is invading is dumb.

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