1. Anthony says:

    Three things:
    1. Patience is a gift you give yourself. The right move in any action is not the one well placed (declas, indictiment, etc.) but must also be well timed. It is the difference between a sergeant and a general. The sergeant wants to take the hill now, the general is waiting for the enemy to expose their flank. When there are delays, there are things left hidden being accomplished. They will be exposed in due time. “I want it now” is immature.
    2. If you are just following Q and not the Presidents message, you are missing half the messages.
    3. If you got your country back today, what would you do differently? Why not start doing it now?

    1. :A.: Ț.-M. says:

      [ 1. Show me one correct-seargent and/or general by the standard of the C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.
      2. Pre=no, si=simulation, dent=contract. This is called: Parse.
      3. Getting it back is a wrong-assumption. I never had ita in the first-place.]

  2. Q says:

    [ BOOM
    if things would have to change,
    One police-officer would have to start with the arrest of some-other police-officer. They would have to arrest one-another basically.
    Go back to work colleagues! ]

  3. S"Q"ed says:

    “Trust the plan” while you burn to death.
    Note to Q LARPers you should go see what’s going on in Haiti right now to see how well “the plan” is working then ask yourselves, how is that government issued low IQ working out for you now?

  4. Saved by Q says:

    Thank GOD the laser beam created fires in Cali spared Q followers!
    Now let’s hold attendance and see how many left to go.

  5. Q-ed says:

    to the frustrated comments, why so frustrated? this is not a wish-concert. there is an opposing enemy. the Florida SENATE win is a big deal, people undervalue the SENATE. After all, since we gotta be united, dont take it personal but the Q movement is for the country and evtl world save, but it wont solve anybody s personal issues. for entertainment look to hollywood.

  6. Watching and Waiting says:

    Q, I found you about 2 months ago and you seemed somewhat intriguing. But nothing has happened that would make patriots say, “Finally, justice finds some rotten Dems.” They just keep getting away with their corruption, day after day, …decade after decade. And this week was supposed to be a “big week,” I assume because of the new acting AG. But the week passed and nothing “big” happened. So I’m done following you. Either your inside info is false flags from folks trying to out you, or you are a Dem playing us.

    1. BigJohn+ says:

      Don’t worry. He’s sending signs everywhere. Just this morning I poured some orange juice and I was looking at the jug and saw “FRESH SQUEEZED” and just like that out of nowhere I noticed that Q in squeezed. Coincidence? I think not, and the OJ was good.

      1. Chris says:

        Sometimes when you think your position is the strong one and your mocking a fool…

        Its really just you… That becomes the fool.

        Everyone think about this. For 70 years UFOs were the realm of conspiracy… And “crazies”

        Now the pentagon acknowledges them on the MSM and shows footage of craft on FLIR…

        So… All those people who stroked their egos by bashing ufologists for being conspiracy nuts…. Were the real nuts.

        1. BigJohn says:

          “Fools.” It’s plural. I’m mocking fools, as in every single person who believes this Qanon nonsense. You should be mocked and perhaps kept on a list of dangerously gullible people who can easily be conned into believing that martial law is a good thing and it’s a good idea to have military tribunals try US citizens, which would of course be unconstitutional. You people are dangerous. True patriots defend the Constitution. Q patriots would be happy to see Donald Trump wipe his ass with it. You people are mind bogglingly stupid. Trump and Mueller are working together? Put that crack pipe down and come to your senses.

          It’s over. Q’s predictions aren’t coming true. It has all been a scam. You’ve been conned, suckered, led to believe complete bullshit. Whoever is behind this Q nonsense is no American patriot. He or they are scumbags, probably not even American given his celebration of Red October, the Russian revolution where the communists took over. What American patriot would celebrate that and push for unconstitutional military tribunals on American citizens? Mueller is finishing up his investigation. Watch that closely. Think hard about why Trump would willingly participate in this, why this would all be part of his plan. He wouldn’t. He and Mueller were never working together and nobody is getting rounded up and sent to Guantanamo Bay. It’s all been a hoax and those of you who fell for it are frankly pretty damned scary. You are proof that propagandists like Adolf Hitler could thrive today, could suck people like you in and convince you that you are thinking for yourselves. Q doesn’t want you to think for yourselves he leads you to believe all the nonsense he/they want you to believe, gives you lots of busy work to do so you are wholly invested in your indoctrination. Blows me away that so many can be such suckers.

          1. LushRimbaugh says:

            Questioning the mass narrative, instead of believing everything you are told to believe is what Q has exposed, Einstein.

            Nobody cares if you disagree.

            Rachel Maddow is calling for you to watch her latest REAL NEWS.😂😂🤡🤡😂😂

    1. Steve says:

      Timing is critical. The indictments need to be served before the new congress gets sworn in. So I am thinking in December due to various laws like the Logan Act. If it isn’t done before the new congress is sworn in it won’t happen.

    1. Steve says:

      Probably due to various legislation against influencing elections. I look to early December to the Christmas Break for Congress. It will have to take place before the new congress is sworn in on Jan 20. If it doesn’t happen by the New Year it probably won’t happen. “reach out and touch someone” will become the mantra by the end of 2019

    2. Jackie says:

      Is Q’s Silence related to Julian Assange’s indictment? I have been following Q for a few weeks now and hope and pray it all goes well for President Trump.

  7. Q-ed says:

    Q is not asking for a lot..but they smacked logical thinking the hell out of society, too bad.. save the Constitution, get the hammer, it will be a easier now than in 2 years on election-steal. ‘go get em Donald’ 🙂 #53-47

  8. Ryan Corcoran says:

    If 467 is an area code, then in the 467 area code in Philadelphia there are streets 47-53. Between them is Wynnfield, PA.

    1. True news says:

      Trump armed them so they have weapons for the war with America. Sell them arms and make money then attack them and depopulate. Duh…

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