Nov 12 2018 23:13:00 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q
#1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?
#2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]?
As of 3:02 pm est today, “Qanon” is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S.
Logical Thinking > WHY?
Congratulations, Anons!


  1. True news says:

    When Schumer the Jew says (((they))) are going to let (((everybody))) vote he is referring to globally not just illegals in this country but everybody else on the planet with a few exceptions.

    See how the Symantec’s are literally killing you. Are you beginning to wake up from your Acoma yet?

    A new government by the people Q says? Ah yes the people of the planet not just Americans.

    Symantec’s my friends, Symantec’s they are killing you.

    How much more does it take to slap you to consciousness? It is the only question left unanswered.

  2. True news says:

    1776? What? huh?

    Q ~ What did you receive last civil war?
    A ~ The death of your loved one’s and the central (globalist) banking system yet somehow we believed we won.

    Q ~ What will you receive from the 2nd civil war?
    A ~ Death of your loved ones, the chip and full throttle world government.

    Are you going to be tricked into thinking you won again?

    It is true that history repeats itself and we have placed it on express due to our ignorance.

  3. True news says:

    Californians are successfully distracted from learning these truths at the moment due to running for their lives.
    See how it works?
    The Forest Service in Cali when I used to live there some 30 years ago were known to burn down towns. It was common practice and common knowledge.
    Are you catching on yet?
    See how this works?
    Who’s next?
    Like Q says, sit back and enjoy the show.

    Once you learn these facts to be truth’s that they are you too will have visitors from the government so you should prepare and be smart about answering the phone, mail and your own front door. If you didn’t solicit it then don’t be lured by it and this goes to self preservation combined with common sense. When the police show up at your house and you didn’t call them don’t be fooled into thinking those papers they’re waving around outside your window are anything but bait to get you to answer the door. Do not be lured/set-up. Things are not as they appear and you are far to complacent as (((they))) well know. You will not fix this by continually voting to continue to be governed and you should be able to understand this now that you have been voting to fix this for your entire life to no success.
    I’m just one of you but I’m awake.

  4. True news says:

    They are announcing the martial law that you Q followers are asking for but it’s not going to be to your advantage when they remove Trump and your lured to begin protesting and so forth because they have the military waiting to round you up. You better get smart fast and do not take the bait as it is presented to flush you out onto the streets. Welcome to Obama’s 3rd term and you thought you were voting to get out of the fire. Sorry, not the case.
    Know when you’re being set-up!!!

  5. True news says:

    Q promised you the elections were protected (((rigged against you by ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT))) and today Republicans announce elections have been stolen.
    Symantec’s are killing you, literally.
    How far down Q’s rabbit hole are you willing to risk going? At my house Rattlesnakes are at the bottom.
    Yes indeed, the Symantec’s are wiping up the floor with your ass’s now aren’t they?
    It’s really too bad that I can go on and on pointing this all out.
    Country music anyone? Yeah I didn’t think so.

  6. True news says:

    Ignorance is no longer acceptable when presented with facts that are verifiable. Do your own research and stop chasing your tail in that circle you’re stuck in if you want to realize real results.
    Q does not offer The Awakening you desire.

  7. True news says:

    Mass ignorance = mass murder. Genocide if you like that term better.

    Facts stated above can all be verified on the internet.


  8. True news says:

    Ocasio calls for the removal of Nancy translates to a changing of the old guard and look it’s going on throughout government. From bad to worst is not what you Q followers are praying for in the event you still are asleep to these facts.
    Symantec’s are killing you, literally.
    Now go back to sleep in your Acoma, your eye lids are getting heavy again, your breathing is slowing down as you slip into REM and now you are asleep again right where (((they))) want you to be where you have been trained to go for all of your life. Say it like you’re programed to do, (((that can’t happen in America))). Everybody join me and say, (((that can’t happen in America))) so that we can all remain IGNORANT TOGETHER. Or at least just you can remain ignorant because I have had enough of the ignorance dragging us to hell. Trump has invoked The Patriot Act = martial law so when you awaken to these facts and get pissed enough to do something about it he will wipe you out with the military and it’s why you (((Americans))) are being bitch slapped across the face every day to provoke you into conflict. Biker groups and militia will not save you because they are run by the FBISIS. Do not follow their lead.
    I have studied this for 10 years now because it came to my house and I had to know what it is. Now I do.

  9. True news says:

    (((They))) are running the space alien scam directly on my fence line that surrounds my ranch along the 38th parallel in Colorado. Mutilated cattle and all. (((They))) brought in MUFON to investigate and the Sheriff. It’s documented in the news and on the internet. For about 2 months black military helicopters circled my house every day in broad day light looking in my windows from only a couple hundred feet away maximum and I didn’t know why until my friend showed me what was in the news and that was when I learned about this event because there were no space aliens that landed at my ranch to mutilate cattle. If you find the news articles my name is not mentioned as I am not any part of the situation like those who’s names that are reported in the news though I do know those individuals mentioned and they are documented criminals with history of running people off their land in the middle of the night. Here at my location in the middle of nowhere average citizens are apparently paid money to promote UN Agenda 21, 2030 & 2050 onto their neighbors in the area so if you think it’s just the government this proves regular citizens are participating. They have themselves a lynch mob here and once they failed to lynch me because we traded ammo they deployed the space alien scam complete with military helicopters and I’m still here and they are still trying to run me from my land for their UN Agenda 21. I am surrounded every day and night yet I remain standing my ground and the reason that I’m telling you this is because I am tired of hearing people say, “that can’t happen in America” when in fact it is happening every day right here. Like any man that loves life I refuse to bend and simply hand it over. When (((they))) come for you and your land please stand with me and fight!

  10. True news says:

    New World Order has been in place for years it is the United Nations of which America is a member for a long time which means you are and have been in the New World Order/World Government. Those white UN jets spraying America should have tipped you off years ago but It has not. Fires in California that are currently being video taped and placed on social media showing the laser beam coming down from the sky should also tip you off but again it has not. People being driven from their rural homes should have again, tipped you off but it has not. Agenda 21, 2030 and 2050 should have also tipped you off due to that it is happening and you fail to recognize it because you’re far too lazy to investigate on your own without being led by Q in a circle chasing your tail of which my dog is smart enough not to do. Your masters which are all the talking heads on the internet are paid to lead you astray and they’re doing a fantastic job of it. There is tons of info on the web about this to include interviews of US Government employees who lay this out in real terms that even you could understand but you wont go look it up because you’re trained not to. The UN has now come for the land of America. They want the natural resources therefore you will be depopulated from the surface of the land and they will continue bringing in the immigrants to help and creating a slave colony and will commence to strip the earth of it’s vast wealth and to strip Americans of their heritage through decimation.
    Q> Who is Q?
    A> UN Agent.
    You can despise Hillary all you want or any of the others and that is their plan to distract you from this knowledge so you remain stupid.
    Heather Nuerte the proposed new UN Ambassador is an active member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and Illuminati which you can look up for yourselves quite easily but you won’t because you’re brain washed to remain ignorant. Only allowing the information that (((they))) put into your head to exist there.
    Now that I have exposed (((The Plan))) to you it is time for you to go back to sleep. Your eyelids are getting heavy again, your breathing is slowing down as you slip into REM and now you are totally unconscious frozen into a state of ignorance of which will be your own demise as (((they))) continue wiping you from the land you call home. Erasing your children’s future right before your sleeping eyes.

    1. :A.:Ț.-M. says:

      [ please educate your-self: dwmlc.com
      The NWO is in place since 200+ years. Q, an anonymus is part of it.
      #csscpsg correct-stentence-structures-communication-parse-syntax-grammar! ]

      1. True news says:

        You’re very accurate. The New World Order was installed when they crucified Christ and nothing has changed. Over a hundred years ago America was fleeced out and it went bankrupt at which point it was sold off by issuance of stock in the corporation that congress formed called “United States Corporation” which is filed with every state to this day and holds an active office which is generally a law firm. This corporation is where your school books got produced and one of the very reasons why Americans are (((ignorant))) to real facts. The gov told them what (((they))) wanted them to know calling it truth but it isn’t so. Anyone can easily look this up on their own but they have been trained not to. The Federal Register defines the US Government not as a Government but a Corporation go look for yourselves. Sorry people but you have been suckered. You gotta a fake government calling itself government but it is not. You can begin waking up to these facts or you can remain asleep in Acoma, the choice is yours. Look it up on your own don’t take my word or that of your misleader Q.

  11. True news says:

    “Big John” is all over it and it is high time you Q followers get on board with the real truth before they murder you off.

  12. Harry says:

    Please we need to see results soon of the plan tangibly working the masses are losing faith and hope. Q when they lose hope it’s over. Get something done like the declass or lock up Hillary…😉

    1. True news says:

      Holly shit burger you Q followers are done man get over yourselves with this fake misleading nonsense for heavens sake the bitch is running in 2020 don’t you stupid ass Q followers get it yet?????
      Sorry to rip you apart but please wake up to the fact that Q is a ram like Soro’s and the Q agenda is exactly the same as what Soros did in Germany when they killed the Jews.

      Wake the fuck up for Americas sake man get it through your thick skull.

      Then once you have tell a friend!

  13. True news says:

    Trump is going to chip you if you let him and he will blame everybody else exactly like he is already doing. Know a psyop when you see one fools.

  14. True news says:

    I voted for Trump but now know he’s full of shit and anybody capable of thinking for themselves can see through his lies. Q & Trump = New World Order being rammed down our throats.

      1. True news says:

        You are fast out of the holster but can you hit the target with accuracy?

        Apparently not.

        Go do some research of your own before you draw. See my posts it should give an idea of where to begin.

      2. :Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. says:

        [ I am a performer of the C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G. I am my own messiah, sole-copyright-holder of the title-~4-flag, see dwmlc.com, with the lack of a contest. My location is Romania. Please tell me, do you wanna trust a person or perhaps A.I. saying: “Are you ready to see the PAIN?”? In other words: Can you see pain? Or can you only FEEL pain? if you concur, that pain can only be felt, do you also agree, that whoever this Q is, he/she/it is dangerous?]

    1. :Amadeus: Țurcanu-Moisl. says:

      [ lol, yes! It is smoke and mirrors. For the average Joe, the Boom boom booms, the “big Drops” and 2+2=4 doesnot change anything!
      #csscpsg ]

    1. BigJohn says:

      I’m sure it’s not going to happen. This Qanon nonsense is a dangerous scam that has people thinking they are Patriots for being for martial law and military tribunals on US citizens. True patriots protect and defend the US Constitution but Q patriots would tear it up and throw it away. Why did Q keep talking about Red October, the violent revolution where the communists took over Russia? Is this something true American Patriots celebrate? Hell no. When I was in the military guess who we were training to fight. I wish the Q people would come to their senses. What passes for patriotism in Q’s alternative world of f’d up conspiracy theories is frightening. Please do not let these hucksters sucker you into doing anything violent or illegal. Q is a false profit. You are being misled and manipulated if you are sucked into this mess and believe this nonsense to be true. It’s all made up. Please step back and look at the obvious. Trump and Mueller aren’t working together. Sessions was never going to be Trump’s hatchet man. Nobody is going to be rounded up and sent to GITMO. This is all just a con and Q is an enemy of the people and he/they are probably working with people who mean to do this country harm, perhaps a foreign government, perhaps with insiders in the Trump adminiatration. I don’t know. But I do know Qanon is feeding people a bunch of b.s.

      1. LibertyDrumbeat says:

        Then what are you doing on this page? Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said, “He does protest too much!” You know there is something to Q & you feel threatened for some reason & so you keep coming on here commenting. You can’t help yourself. If you’re not obsessed with Q as a threat, then get off here. Quit commenting. Nobody is listening to you anyway.

        1. BigJohn says:

          AnonymousHacker I’m definitely not paying close attention to Q propaganda. Perhaps you are paying too much attention to it with such a laser focus that you can’t see the forest for the trees. I believe that is Q’s intent.

          Pay attention to what Mueller does. It should already be plain as day to you that he’s not working with Trump, but more indictments are coming in the Russia investigation and it should be harder and harder to believe he and Trump are on the same team and anyday now will be rounding up the “deep state” pedophile ring and instituting martial law and having unconstitutional military tribunals on US citizens. It is possible that Donald Trump JR will be indicted. He’s worried about that. Watch what is going on there and it will become more and more apparent that Mueller and Trump are far from working together.

          Q will try to spin it like in the past, but fewer and fewer will believe this hoax. I just hope true believers in this cult of Q don’t go do anything violent. Here before too long the Q scam will be completely untenable for all but a tiny few caught up in it now. Everybody will be jumping the Q ship and moving on with their lives and hopefully no serious harm comes from it.

          Hopefully those fooled by this will be on guard against this sort of thing in the future and won’t fall for ridiculous conspiracy theories anymore. And I hope nobody walks away from this with the continued belief that martial law or military tribunals on US citizens would be a good thing. You guys have just been spoon-fed a whole lot of horseshit by scammers who have you convinced you’re thinking for yourselves while they lead you into believing all kinds of craziness. It’s not going to be easy coming to grips with how much you have been misled.

          1. BigJohn says:

            Jimmy, watch the news and you will get all the proof you need. I know you guys have been stingky discouraged against watching anything the “mainstream media” puts out and you believe crackpots on YouTube are much more reliable, but you are missing so much. I don’t know how anyone could believe Mueller and Trump are working together with everything we’ve seen so far, but you guys are so wrapped up in this Q nonsense, looking mainly just where he/they tell you to look and you have been programmed to belive that everything else is just fake news.

            To most people looking at this Q nonsense, it’s just mind boggling that you guys can believe Trump and Mueller are working together and they you are being let in on this big secret plan through these public Q posts, as if the “deep state” couldn’t spend 15 seconds googling where to find Q drops and quickly learn about this dastardly plan to take them down.

            Bottom line though, if Mueller and Trump aren’t working together the whole house of Q cards falls in. All the proof you need will come out in the Russia investigation. More indictments will come shortly on Trump insiders. Why in the heck would Trump want to be involved in a plan that includes this embarrassing Russia investigation that deligitimizes his presidency? He’s fought it tooth and nail and is clearly very worried right now. Mueller is his enemy. He wants to shut the investigation down. Mueller probably never will find smoking gun evidence of collusion where Trump offered to do this or that in exchange for their help in the election, but a lot of people are getting in trouble for lying under oath, obstructing, tax evasion, etc., stuff being dug up in the Russia investigation. Trump is worried about his tax returns being made public. He’s worrying about his son getting indicted. He’s worried about getting in trouble for his shady dealings, payoffs to women he fooled around with and so on. Clearly Mueller is not good for Trump and Trump knows this. Q followers don’t get it because they have been fooled and Q keeps them busy on their scavenger hunt which is really all about distracting people and getting them deeply invested in this whole scam so it’s hard for them to let go of it all and see they been manipulated and misled. He/they have you conned into believing that you are thinking for yourselves, but in reality you are being carefully led to believe a bunch of nonsense.

            You won’t believe me. That is perfectly okay. Please just start following the Mueller investigation and really try to think for yourselves for a change. Soon it will be impossible to believe Mueller and Trump are working together, even for those who have fallen for the Q scam hook, line and sinker.

          2. Lt. Jimmy James says:

            Corr. For someone who doesn’t pay much attention to Q! Lol. You seem to be pretty enveloped. If you don’t believe Q what are you doing here? Do you not realise that everybody here has thought this through for themselves and debated this? Do you think you and your complete lack of evidence to your claims is going to sway the mind of anybody? Let alone some die hard patriots that are already balls deep in this for the last year. I suggest you THINK for yourself. Do some research.

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