1. X Trump supporter says:

    Q psyop is really getting boring can you spice it up or something? I’m losing interest [as of 18 months ago] in Trump and I’m not voting for him again so can we impeach his dusty old ass and get some fresh meat in there? He is a 1 term clown and Q is The Joker.

  2. Not taught in school says:

    Which Constitution is Q referencing? The fake one that they created when they formed the United States Corporation or the original one that they tossed in the dust bin? They’re killing you with Symantec’s, literally. Look it up for yourselves Americans the information is out there but not where Q is sending you. Q has you going in circles chasing shadows. At what point does America wake up to the real truth which is not taught in schools? Did into this on your own and you will also learn that the United States Corporation produces the books they teach you from in school because it’s true that there really is a sucker born every minute.

  3. Death by fire says:

    When I lived in California in the area on fire we all knew the Forest Service set the fires intentionally to depopulate us and burn us out. I had friends that were burned out that lost everything they owned. The Government (not really a government but rather “The United States Corporation”) has been burning out people for well over 30 years and suddenly this is news? Now they burn people out and murder them in the current state I live in and they claim they are not responsible that the fire got out of control even when there is a total burn ban in affect. They killed off some people by burning them just a few miles from my current location while claiming immunity under the law so you are getting exactly what you voted for, depopulation. Trump the Freemason is not going to help you and Freemasons are not from GOD. Trump is on Utube chilling out with his Bro’s stating he is a Freemason so you guys should wake up from the comatose trance that you’re in. From GOD my ass!

  4. On the list says:

    So you guys still go to the country music eh?
    Looks like survivors are on the list so now we know they’re being stalked and murdered off if not at one location then another.
    You should spend your money on ammo not country music and drinks.

  5. On the list says:

    They say, (oh that can’t happen in America, we have rights). Unfortunately now you will receive what you voted for, more chaos (depopulation).
    Americans need to wake up to the fact that, (you’re on the list, all of you especially the ones who they do not like and you know who you are). No getting off the list that you voted to be on either.
    Just a fact from someone on the list.

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