1. Marleen says:

    OMG , I’ve been crying my eyes out for Mr. Kavanaugh and his family . Watching this farce on t.v. It’s deplorable. SHAME ON THOSE DEMOCRATS. I’d hate to be them when the meet up with Lord because I do believe they are all going the other way.

  2. Anon1776 says:

    We cannot allow this weaponized smear campaign to be successful. We are literally fighting for the survival of the USA. If they win, they will use this con over and over until they get Venezuela!!!
    We all know bearing false witness is a mortal sin. Their side has no such morality. The ends justify the means. And they mean to be your Masters! We are now at the crossroads where I feel bloodshed is inevitable. I will do my best to protect my God, my family, and my country against these domestic enemies, as I have sworn an oath many times.
    May God protect us.

  3. Clare O'Neill says:

    I wish we here in Ireland had POTUS and Q. to stand up for the people. We have a globalist, and the government could not care less, except for the elites, no tax, Vulture Funds, no tax, A lot of corruption and as we call it, Brown Paper Bags, = backhanders.

  4. Marleen says:

    Hello from Canada. Wish I had a man like Trump and his Q to help the mess up here. Our moron is just like obama, spending all the moneylike a drunken sailor ,language laws, he doesn’ Care about Canadians, The violence is happening more and more. He’s trying to bankrupt my country. He’s just another global elite. Been following since last year. I hope you don’t mind. WWG1WGA. 😉

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