Sep 12 2018 16:21:05 (EST) !!mG7VJxZNCI Q ID: 69b90b
Main points of interest only.
It will serve as the main hub of all communications once all other sites ‘tracking’ collapse [8ch only].
What part of another wave of attacks coming [yesterday] wasn’t understood?
This is not a game.


  1. EyeAm says:
    1. 13followsme says:

      Maybe they are stylizing Trump as JFK.
      He released his records 13000 +
      Jfk 13 and jesus christ.
      The algorythm just keeps cycling.

  2. Jewel Bennett says:

    !!=Russian active measures
    m=meeting /memo?

    7=July/interaction Trump admin Mueller case?
    V=prosecution/decision or Vargas?
    J=Jeff session?
    x=tunnel x agent x?
    Z=Ziff tax /money laund
    N national
    Am I even close? I be seen pattern on Mueller report?

  3. Ford says:

    I don’t know if this has been noticed or not, I seem to have watched a video on the Toob — but can not find it again. RE: Q 3440 … A whole bunch of the Q-Anons seem to have missed the impossibility of the Baby photo. If you will broaden your attention to the people around the baby, you will see an impossibility: While the President is speaking at the podium, one can see the President wearing a M_GA hat sitting in the seats further down range from the baby. This is an impossibility for the President to be at the podium and, at the same time, sitting in the bleachers … don’t you think that would be outside the norms. Also, there are lots of “seventeen’s” surrounding the occasion. This is a MOST SIGNIFICANT Q-drop! MOST SIGNIFICANT indeed!

    1. Gg burg says:

      I saw what u saw. I also thought it was Trump for a second, but it was a man in blue suit w/neck tie and MAGA hat. He was facing the baby/audience.
      There was a conscience effort to draw attn to him, I think implying it was JFK sr.

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