Feb 15 2018 14:01:43 Anonymous
James Dolan. Dead suicide

Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press

Securedrop freedom of the press

Freedom of the press. John Barlow/Snowden/assange/John Cusack/Daniel Ellsberg/Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras

Snowden/Cusack. Things that can and cannot be said

Daniel Ellsberg Pentagon papers

Glenn Greenwald/Snowden The Guardian

Laura Poitras/ Snowden. The Program. William Binney

John Barlow VP Algae Systems treating waste water

Barlow/Clark burning man

Gen Clark anti Trump. WestPAC supports Clintons

I think the KEY is the media changing the narrative using securedrop. Which is dictated heavily by Snowden

The big question who controls Snowden

Feb 15 2018 14:12:42 !UW.yye1fxo Q
>James Dolan. Dead suicide
>Aaron swartz. Dead suicide
>Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press
John Perry Barlow – 187 post name [DROP].
You are now a liability.

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